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Real estate transactions

Real estate can be a good investment – if the conditions are right. But the devil is often in the details:
When buying an apartment house as an investment it’s not enough to look just at the purchase agreement itself. All too often the validity and content of the tenancy agreements bought “along with it” have not been properly checked. Hidden risks need to be recognised in advance – and not only because the intention is usually to finance the purchase price with the earnings. Problematic rental relationships frequently incur consequential costs (because, for instance, of losses of rent or court proceedings)…

Apartment tenancy law

Tenant protection and an almost immeasurable quantity of case law characterise apartment tenancy law.
We advise and represent you when drawing up residential rental contracts that are legally secure, as relates to existing tenancies, in terminating the tenancy relationship, after the tenancy relationship has ended and in addition, there are many other special questions or ways to shape individual cases…

Commercial tenancy law

Both parties are businessmen when leasing commercial premises, and the principle of contractual freedom applies. On the one hand, there is no tenant protection as in apartment tenancy law, on the other there is no possibility to change the rent without agreeing. The content of the contract is essentially a matter of negotiation….

Brokerage law

Brokerage law is case law. Thorough knowledge of the jurisprudence is thus of paramount importance. In addition, brokerage contracts are frequently concluded orally so that evidentiary problems can arise in case of disputes.
The law has been tightened in a number of ways – the right of withdrawal, the principle that brokerage service is paid by the person who orders it, the Money Laundering Act – and this has also continued to restrict brokers’ freedom of movement…

Residential ownership law

If you are or intend to become the owner of a condominium, you need to be aware that a condominium is a special type of ownership. This legal form has a significant influence on an owner’s rights and obligations. One key problem area is the parallel existence and coexistence of joint and individual property: each owner can use exclusively alone solely his individual property [Sondereigentum] (usually the apartment). It is compulsory that the joint property [Gemeinschaftseigentum], in contrast, belongs to each owner jointly with all other condominium owners. This results in numerous losses due to friction and high potential for conflict. The provisions on residential ownership are structured differently in each condominium complex, which is why we assess and advise on, for instance, the following questions…

Private building law

There are frequently disputes among those involved in during a construction project. Timely advice and support in legal issues can prevent or at least reduce the potential for disputes. Good contracts contribute to this, as does quick and competent help in cases of conflict. In private building law we offer comprehensive representation and advice – if possible out of court, but if needed also in court on the following questions…

Banking and capital markets law

Banking and capital markets law governs legal relations between banks and bank clients on the one hand, and between investors and investment advisors or investment vendors on the other. This includes disputes on the withdrawal of loan agreements, the rationale behind and amount of prepayment penalties, incorrect investment advice, termination of building loan contracts, validity of bank charges and investor compensation.
Here we can draw upon many years of successful expertise to enforce your rights – out of court if possible, but also in court if necessary. The two legal fields deal with, for instance, the following topics…

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