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Banking and capital markets law

Banking and capital markets law governs legal relations between banks and bank clients on the one hand, and between investors and investment advisors or investment vendors on the other. This includes disputes on the withdrawal of loan agreements, the rationale behind and amount of prepayment penalties, incorrect investment advice, termination of building loan contracts, validity of bank charges and investor compensation.

Here we can draw upon many years of successful expertise to enforce your rights – out of court if possible, but also in court if necessary. The two legal fields deal with, for instance, the following topics:

  • financing the acquisition and construction of real estate,
  • property financing,
  • real and false financing of construction phases
  • taking out and redeeming loans and mortgages,
  • subordinated loans,
  • crowdfunding,
  • securing loans,
  • cancelling loans,
  • terminability of building loan contracts,
  • incurring and calculating of prepayment penalties,
  • acquisition and sale of fund investments (property funds, ship funds and media finds), capital investments and securities
  • participation rights,
  • registered bonds,
  • swaps,
  • compensation due to incorrect investment advice or incorrect investment brokerage,
  • reimbursements (“kickbacks”),
  • rights and obligations on the “grey capital market”,
  • erroneous issuing prospectuses,
  • investor compensation,
  • law of bank accounts,
  • validity of bank charges,
  • payment transactions,
  • deposit protection.

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